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                                                                      TANJA SKOK

                                          ENRICO MALATESTA

Presentation: 14.2.2012, at 20h, Kulturni dom Španski borci, Ljubljana


Executive producer: Špela Trošt; Artistic director: Tomaž Grom ; Light design: Gal Škerjanec Skaberne

Photo: Tamas Tuza

The artistic work of Tanja Skok is recently very much based on the fusion between historical dance codes and her personal movement vocabulary, in physical as well as contextual level.

She pays special interest to the dance techniques of the second part of 17th and the 18th century, today named as Baroque Dance. Already at the time of its invention this dance form surpassed the codes of mere social dancing and has reached into the field of abstract and codified dance expression.

The dance and music at the time were tightly connected, but what is interesting today is the fact, that in many cases the music was composed for the dance and not the other way round. The Baroque Dance is therefore from its very beginning an independent artistic expression, which exists as an abstract movement code and does not necessarily reach into the world of narrative or social dance.

Two centuries later we have two artists- Merce Cunningham and John Cage, establishing a tight connection between movement and sound, but establishing each element as an independent line and the two together start creating an over-all composition through the element of coincidence.

In one hour long improvisation session with musician and artist Enrico Malatesta, Tanja will venture into the exploration of her movement expression, which is very much influenced by the above mentioned movement codes.

These worlds are seemingly completely separate, but coincidently they bare many common points, such as: codified movement, clear body lines, strongly emphasized rhythmical patterns, clear spatial orientation, abstract expression as a starting position- in general, a body which in a dialogue with sound, narrates about its own movement.



Sound - percussion: