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Capella Carniola is an Ensemble of Early Music and Dance, which under the artistic leadership of Janez Jocif unites singers, instrumentalists and dancers, all driven by the wish to explores and present the early musical and dance tradition.

Capella Carniola was founded in 2004 in order to obtain live music for the lessons in early dancing (mostly 15th and 16th century programme). Soon afterwards its musical programme was extended to European medieval music. Capella Carniola appears in many different formations depending on the musical programme, from a duo to an extended “alta capella”, a typical instrumental ensemble of European medieval cities. One of the important aims of the group is to revive the use of musical instruments that are represented in Slovenian 15th century frescoes.

Dance - both early and contemporary, represents an important role in the life of the group and its artistic expession.

Janez Jocif (artistic leader, portativ organ, bagpipe,  hurdy-gurdy, recorders, shawm),

Marta Močnik Pirc (soprano),

Tamara Avsenik (soprano),

Nina Kompare Volasko (soprano)

Kristina Martinc (recorders),

Franci Krevh (percussion), 

Izidor Erazem Grafenauer (vihuela),

Barbara Kanc (dance),

Tanja Skok (dance),



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